Monday, August 19, 2019

Affordable Art Anyone...

I love art and it's such a simple way to add impact to a of all there are so many affordable options out there!
When searching for the perfect piece, and we are not talking major collector's pieces here, there are a few factors I consider...
First and foremost - do I love it? Whether its photography, an illustration or an abstract piece, a print or original, I have to love it! 

Does it suit the space? What's the objective - do I want it to work with the space by blending in with the palette or do I want to balance the space by adding contrast and character? Both work equally as effectively so think about how you want to approach the space you're working with. I find the easiest way to work out whether I am going to blend or contrast is to ask myself what the focal point of the room is. Is it the artwork? Or it could be the view from a window or a statement piece of furniture? If it's the artwork then you're looking for a piece (or pieces to create a gallery wall) that contrast against existing interiors, if its anything other than the art, then you're in search of a piece that works with or compliments the colour palette of the space.

Size matters! An artwork that's too small and hung at the wrong height are two of my interior design peeves. The scale of artwork, if incorrect, can let the whole space down. If you're not sure, grab some masking tape and play around with it on the wall to know what kind of measurements you're looking for. If you have found something you can't live without, you've measured or visualised it in the space and you know that the size won't work, think about how you can incorporate it into a gallery of other pieces, perhaps a series would work better? One of my favourite looks is a series or cluster of pieces above a bed, for not a great deal of investment, they can do a lot of the heavy lifting in elevating the chic level of a bedroom.

Get framed! I love the ashwood frames trend that is everywhere at the moment but in my main living spaces, I have floorboards which don't work with the beautiful shade of ash so these frames are out for me other than in the bedrooms of my home, which are carpeted. On the other hand, gorgeous thick white frames look dreamy. So do metallic frames, like bronze, which I am a little obsessed with at the moment - try these with black and white photography - so chic. Because there is so much focus on the actual piece, frames often get overlooked but the wrong frame can be a deal-breaker and can make a piece look cheap or on the other hand a lot more exy than what you paid. Take this example, this amazing Robert Moore aka James Bond print looks great with the black frame, but don't you think the bronze is next level?!

I pick up frames from everywhere from Ikea to the Op Shop. Some require some DIY, like a spray of paint, some don't! (Hot Tip : Ikea have great metallic frames from $15, which look amazing with b&w photography, in multiples of 3)

Lastly, price is a consideration. I love art and have been exposed to it since I was very young. My Mum has been a gallery owner in her time, my Father has become passionate about building a collection in recent years, my Grandmother has loved drawing for as long as I can remember, but in the last 10 years my passion has really been sparked because I have been exposed to some of the most amazing pieces in some very enviable private collections. 
All this aside, I don't have the cash to splash on major original works. But this doesn't stop me from searching the globe (online!) for amazing little artists! And some of these amazing little artists offer downloadable prints - hello...absolute game changer! 
This has allowed me to build a beautiful and relatively inexpensive but impactful little art collection which includes abstracts, illustrations and photography. 

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