Monday, October 8, 2018

Feminine Without The Frou Frou

There’s an art to striking a balance between feminine and frou frou when it comes to planning a space and I talk to so many women, all sorts of women, that yearn for femininity in their space. After all our homes are the space where we nurture ourselves and others, so it is not surprising that we want rooms that are ‘us’ so we can reset, refresh and recalibrate, in order to be the best version of ‘us’.

A lot of women want to use feminine colours yet shy away as they think its a little juvenile and / or not quite elevated enough…but I think differently. I am all about feminine design, in fact I would describe my home as feminine eclectic. I team bright hydrangea print cushions with green velvet and Chippendale chairs with a teak mid century dining table - anything is possible if you love  something! 

I saw this first image and it gave me bachelorette pad butterflies so I was inspired to show you how vastly different feminine is from frou frou and how its so possible to do one without the other in your space!

Images : Domino / Pinterest / Pop Sugar / Hello Fashion Three Birds Renovations



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