Monday, October 23, 2017

Cognac Leather...

Like the drink, cognac leather is sophisticated and creates a certain sense of warmth. Let's face it any design feature that involves a fine liquor in its name has to be up there on the list of favourites!I love the idea of layering textures and this fabrication, which is dyed into gorgeous caramel hues, allows you to do just that.
Whether you want to go masculine and chic by teaming with deep navy or go island luxe with creamy textiles, kilim rugs and raw materials, anything goes... 



  1. Exactly like alcohol, the cognac skin is clear and produces a particular warmth. Let's face it, any molded substance that includes good alcohol in its name should be on our favorites list! I love the idea of ​​design and decoration, which is sculptured into beautiful cartoon images, allowing you to do just that. Whether you want to go spooky and chic in collaboration with a deep navy or go for an island luxe with cream colored cloth, cream cubes and green stuff, whatever goes. You can see these pieces of furniture leather here at this site if you are going to buy one or at least want some ideas on how good your leather goods are. We have suggested him about just now. These are available in a variety of colors that fit perfectly according to the color of the room. I love them. There is more than one image here to get a better idea of ​​it.


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