Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Art Displays - No Hooks Required = Renters Dream!

You wanna make your house a home, build up your art collection! This part has never been an issue for me - I love everything from abstract to photography and love the fact that I have passed on an appreciation of it to my teenage son...together we know nothing about art but we know what we like!

When you rent, it can be tricky - you're restricted by not being able to install hooks and I am not a big one for the plastic 3m strip hooks as I have found they tend to remove the wallpaint on occasion...

Solution : displaying art on consoles and tables can be so beautiful, even on the floor which often reminds me of the decor of a tres cool loft in Brooklyn, especially if you have hard wood floors...

Get your creative vignette juices flowing and create areas and moments of interest by layering pieces and interesting objects together on tables in entry ways, on dressers in bedrooms, even on mantle pieces.

Get arranging and tag us on Instagram so we can check out your best work!

Images : Pinterest


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