Friday, December 30, 2016

17 Home Office Spaces to Swoon Over

As the new year fast approaches (2017 already!!), I have been searching for inspo for my home office, a place where I plan, organise and do a little dreaming too (many late nights on Pinterest will do that to a girl)...swoon over the following (mostly feminine) spaces and start adding to cart! There's nothing like a revamping of a space to make you feel like you can take on anything that the new year throws your way! xx


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Heavy Metal

Metallic (or Lamé for those wanting to scoot back to the 70's) Mid Length Skirts are bang on in the trend stakes right now! Working in fashion this trend doesnt scare me at all but I can hear my mother saying 'hideous!'. Im blocking her little voice out and running out to get me one to pair back with a cool and kitch little sweat a la Gucci. And I'll be taking my fancy, depending on the day, of wearing it with flats, boots or heels. 
Who’d have thought such a 'loud' sartorial choice could be so easy to work into one's wardrobe - and that my friends is considered #winning!

Images: Pinterest // Google Images


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

17 Reasons the Wishbone Works Anywhere

You may not know it by name but chances are you have seen many replicas of this classic. The Wishbone, by Danish Designer Han J. Wegner, is now an iconic piece and was first made in 1950. Though technology has simplified the manufacturing process, each piece takes 3 weeks to make, with 14 parts and 100 separate processes including the hand woven seat. (Read more the creation of the masterpiece here)
I love the versatility of this chair…despite the fact that it was designed in the 50’s it can sit right at home with contemporary decor, in beach house or back in its original context under a beautiful Parker dining table.
However you like it, it works…

Images: Pinterest

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