Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY Friday: It's Beautiful Here

I have become slightly obsessed with this 'It's beautiful here' sign (which is also available as a coat rack) after seeing it in a Sydney bookstore a few years I understand good design and unique concepts but I have to admit, with its $500 price tag, I haven't been able to justify placing it at the top of my priority list, though its never been taken off my wish list!
Well they say good things come to those who wait...and I came across this tutorial over at Green Wedding Shoes where Jen Hunang has an amazing collection of DIY Projects.
It's in the same vein as the original sign, though being just in the rustic rope I thought I might spray paint it in a gorgeous neon...
If you wanted to give it a try and wanted the different coloured letters, you could wrap embroidery cotton around the individual letters for the same look.
Check out my Instagram for updates on this project over the weekend (miss__walker).

Images Green Wedding Shoes

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