Monday, January 7, 2013

Workplace Relations

It's back to work time and there's nothing like freshening up your workspace to motivate you into the new work year...
No matter whether your space is at home or a cubicle there are gorgeous, tiny cost ways of personalising it, which will have your colleagues inspired by a couple of my fav's, then read on for some styling tips...

Top Workspace Styling Tips:
          Use used and washed scented candle jars for pretty pencil holders

 Look for vintage toast racks to use as document holders

Fresh flowers give a space life and are so pretty...they are one of life's affordable indulgences, make the most of them!

Lamps are a great addition to a workspace not only for their practicality, mix up your shades seasonally to keep things interesting...

Gorgeous illustrations can be put into cheap frames and placed against each other, choose a colour scheme for your space and tie these in, if fashion inspires you frame your favourite street style shot...anything goes!!

Another art option is a cork board, cover it in inspiring images and quotes, swatches of paint colours and fabrics...let it reflect who you are!

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