Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tres Chic: Bachelorette Pads

With one of my gorgeous girlfriends, Miss Emma, on the path to becoming the next Pedestrian's Bachelorette of the Year (please, please vote for her here!), I thought it only right that we kicked off the week with some Bachelorette Pad inspiration.
Truely one of the fun spaces that you can decorate as its all about YOU!
Get inspired by these pics that are feminine and chic...

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  1. These are so gorgeous. Every girl at some time needs to have lived on her own in her own bachelorette pad I think, just so we can be super girly without any excuses! Oh how I miss my bachelorette days :)

  2. Love this! My hubby would never let me have this much pretty, so love these rooms. If you are a fabulous bachelorette then why the hell not have a pink couch? Great post.


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