Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Clothes Maketh the Man...

The age old saying, the clothes maketh the man, is no more true than now...
Fashion is'nt just about women anymore and, guys, it's time to step it up...draw inspiration from Eurpoean looks and ensure that you have a good supply of the essentials.
The absolute essentials in any well dressed man's wardrobe, and this is just a start, include...
1. A well cut single breasted blazer, preferably in navy
2. A pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers
3. A pair of loafers, a pair of slim line tie up shoes that can be worn without socks (black and brown) and a pair of white Converse Chucks
4. A good quality woolen coat, a duffle of some description
5. Good quality leather belts and cashmere scarves
6. A denim shirt
7. A pair of chinos, wear them folded up...
8. A good quality checked shirt (you should be able to wear this casually or with a suit and tie), as well as a crisp white shirt
9. Good quality cashmere sweaters and cable knit cardigans, as well as navy and black, dont be afraid of pastels
10. A good quality, well cut pair of jeans
11. A beautiful time piece...with hands...no digital!
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