Friday, December 30, 2011

Farewell's been great getting to know you...

It's that time again...don't the years go by so much quicker as we get older! I hope you have all had an amazing 2011.
Thank you for all of your support this year, every comment, email and follower makes me smile with pure delight so I can't wait to come back in 2012 with more energy and enthusiasm and share all the things I am loving...please stick around and let me know if I'm inspiring you in your homes and wardrobes!
I hope you are surrounding yourself with love and maybe a little champagne tonight for the countdown...and your night sparkles!
I am leaving you with a little quote that I have found and hope you love the words just as much as I do...wishing you love, light and dreams coming true...Miss Walker xx

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  1. I love the dress on the left in the trio shot...I would LOVE to bring in the new year in that outfit :)

    wishing you a fabulous NYE!

  2. Wishing you an amazing new year lovely Miss Walker!
    Thank you also for supporting me and my blog in 2011.
    Here's to fun blogging times in 2012.
    Sarah x


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