Monday, November 7, 2011

Tres Chic:Velvet

I have always thought of velvet as over the top and, for want of a better word, gothic...
But then I found these delicious images and it has me thinking about how varying textures along side it make it work.
These now have me coveting a gorgeous wing backed office chair in peacock blue, perhaps with a stunning cushion from Designers Guild Spring Collection.
What do you think hot or not?

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  1. The touch of velvet used to go through me as a child, I am getting much better.
    Although I don't think I could have a whole couch from velvet I do love the armchair n the 1st image, especially in that colour!

    Abigail x

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  3. I dream to have a velvet sofa one day, thank you for the inspiration x

  4. The colors are the current developments of today; the furniture meets the look standards nowadays too. modern couches


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