Monday, September 12, 2011

Sartorial to Space: Gold

Not so long ago I thought of gold as over the top and ostentatious but as I see more and more examples of gold I love the glamour of it. It doesn't have to be out there, look at me. Have a look at these examples, you'll notice that even when there is quite a bit of it in one space it works...I am absolutely loving the gold tiled splashback in the kitchen (last image)!

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  1. gold is wonderful. i especially love it as an accent color...and it goes so smoothly with camel, as you showed in the first photo!

  2. I'm a gold lover, my mum wears it an pulls it off an I love the classic simple statement it can make.
    I have a simple bangle that I wear but then chunky necklaces if I want a statement, love all the images!

    Abigail x


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