Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Subjective Statements

The old saying 'I know nothing about art, but I know what I like' is definitely true of me, but then isn't that what art is all about...
One thing I know I love is a huge piece, that is the sole focus of a room. My taste ranges in what subjects I am drawn towards, it could be anything from an abstract piece to a moving piece of black and white photography, it's just gotta have some sort of 'X Factor', which, again, is quite subjective.
To let you all know in on what I am talking about, here are a few pieces which 'float my boat'.
What do you think? Does it inspire you to go searching for that perfect piece, enlarge one of your fav family photos or...take to a canvas yourself.
For some gorgeous one off's at reasonable prices check out Cocoa Hearts, Jen Ramos has put together an amazing collection which is everchanging.

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  1. I completely agree...statement art is wonderful, and I, like you. buy what I love. Art is such a personal taste and when I find it I can always find a place to hang it!!

  2. I change up the artworks on my walls all the time! Just moving things around can make a whole room feel different.

  3. Gorgeous collection of images! I piece of statement art can inspire a whole home! great post :)
    xo allison


  4. I really love big statement pieces too...i really like that last one!


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