Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Picture Perfect

On the weekend, I caught up with one of my fav girlfriends who, after recently tying the knot, wants to do a gorgeous b&w photo wall using pictures from the day. (She made an absolutley stunning bride, so her wall will be amazing!)
It got me thinking, that lately, not only have I grown a new appreciation for beautiful pieces of art, I have grown an appreciation for how pieces are hung too.
A careful and considered approach is a must and makes pieces all the more beautiful. Have a look at some of my favourites, which don't always rely on walls as their backdrop.

Images Pinterest


  1. Beautiful, i love how all of them are so different from each other, but look so well together!! xx

  2. I am crazy for lots of pictures everywhere mainly family & friend photos but with a few random pieces of art . these images are fabulous

  3. you picked some amazing rooms! i love those big huge huge photos...

  4. Awesome.

    ♥ sécia

  5. They all look fantastic! You really did your homework for this post - well done! Love it.

  6. Love it. We're having a 'gallery' in our home once the renos are finished, it's a big, well lit hallway and I can't wait!


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