Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rainbow Doors

I am a big believer in colour. I am also a big believer in entry points setting the tone for the rest of the space. So when I came across this gorgeous collection of images where the two are combined, I had to share!
What do you think? Would you ever be bold enough to try a coloured door?
These have inspired me to think outside the box! Imagine a gorgeous charcoal timber cottage, with crisp white window and door frames with a stunning fuschia door!
I am totally loving the idea! xoxo


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday's in the Sunshine

Isn't one of life's simple pleasures a Sunday morning in the sunshine, reading the paper? It's like the world stops and you get to claim back some much needed time after a hectic week, so it seems obvious that its just as important to create a beautiful outdoor space as much as indoor.
Like any space, style it your own way! I love the idea of the relaxed vibe created by bohemian accessories and morroccan accents. I also love the idea of the chicness of a New York rooftop terrace, what about kitch Florida flamingos and brightly coloured cushions.
Whatever your budget and taste, you can create a space all of your own to rest, relax, recuperate and get ready for another week. xoxo


Monday, June 27, 2011

Uber Cool: Tulip Chairs

The epitome of New York chic is the Tulip chair. With its retro, uber cool curves, it was made cool by, none other than, Star Trek. Futuristic for its time, it can still stand its ground in today's home. With or without arms, the chair's cushion can be covered in anything making it super adaptable. Scandanavian chic is teaming them with a gorgeous long length teak dining table or you can go all glamour with a gorgeous marble topped tulip table, more english country side? A comfy checked wool would be perfect. Anything will work with these so scour Ebay or auctions houses for originals or hit online replica stores for some great knock offs.

On another note, please let me thank you, all my gorgeous readers who visit daily and leave lovely comments. You have been particularly patient with me this month with very little posting. I have had some major changes recently so its all about adjusting but have been thinking about your loyalty and I am back to post at least four times weekly. Let me know if there is anything in particular that you want me to write about and dig up some inspiration on. Again, THANK YOU, I hope that my posts make you smile, just as much as your comments make me! xoxo

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