Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pretty, Pleasant, Pleasing...Plates

My Grandmother had the most divine collection of china, some of which came from far and wide across the globe, and when I was a little girl I used to peer into her cabinet and at the untouchable pieces...until one day a few years ago, she gave me some pieces from her collection which are now very sentimental. The pieces sat in my cupboard for a couple of years until recently I started to get into the groove of, rather than saving things 'for special occasions', actually using things that I love. A piece of toast on her toast plate and a cup of tea in her cup and saucer have now become a part of my daily routine and one of my most simple but most special moments of my really is the simple things!
Lately I have been thinking about mounting all the gorgeous pieces she gave me on to a wall and the more I looked at these dreamy pics, the more inspired I became. Loving the idea of mixing them with other pieces of art and going beyond the kitchen or dining area and perhaps featuring them on a bedroom or office wall.
Another reasonably inexpensive way to decorate a wall, I have found some of my most divine pieces of china in Op Shops, so if you love this idea, enjoy the fun of hunting for mix and match pieces.
Hope your all having a beautiful week! xoxo

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  1. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!



  2. your blog ROCKS! Where do you come up with these amazing ideas! and the photos are awesome, just my style! I love the pink and yellow plates in the 7th picture!

  3. Gorgeous plates display. I like the second last picture with all the different kinds of plate designs but my most favorite is the Fornasetti plates.

    Wonderful inspirations!


  4. Loads of ideas - I am attracted to the funky and bright colored plates!

  5. i love your blog and this is such a gorgeous post!
    what a lovely way to decorate your wall, so simple yet meaningful and what a lovely way to think of your nan.
    the first picture is definitely one of my favs.

    Abigail x

  6. Thank you so much for the comments you left at my blog. And what a lovely blog you have. Im now following you. I`ll be back :)

  7. Totally agree with using your fine china on a daily basis! Does no good sitting in a cupboard.

  8. wow, i want this in my house i think! i really like all the b&w ones..

  9. i LOVE LOVE the second cluster of blue plates. so creative! this is a great find, love your blog.
    follow each other?

  10. Miss Walker this is a beautiful idea and very inspirational. Race you to the op shops this weekend! I'm totally inspired!


  11. Who says plates are just for the table anyways? Great inspiration, let us know how your plate-wall turns out!

  12. Totally a coincidence but my post today was also about decorative plates!! A beautiful reader of mine just pointed it out. I love them, and think they make a wonderful feature!!

    I now follow your fabulous little blog and hope you will stop by and say hi!

    Sar xx


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