Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cheap & Chic: Paper Lanterns

Fairy lights, plates as art and now paper lanterns...this week is all about Cheap and Chic on Miss Walker!
Ever since I can remember paper lanterns have been around. I remember my Aunt having one in her gorgeous bedroom when I was little and she was in her late teenage years. I thought she was the height of sophistication with her bamboo print bedding and the paper I often say...yes, its the simple things! LOL!
Ironically both are back in a big way and lately I have been noticing lots of DIY projects to revamp the trusty paper lantern. And at around $2 per lantern in any budget store, you can't go past at least giving them a go.
They look fabulous recovered in fabric, embellished in doilies or even stenciled or can be left, say white which is very Scandanavian Chic. Just as gorgeous, clusters of them.
What do you think? Surely one of these ideas wet your creative appetite?! xoxo

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  1. What an inspirational blog !!! I truly love it !
    thanks for stopping by mine, so that I discovered this lovely site ;))


  2. I want all of these photos to be my house! You have the most creative posts! I'm addicted to his blog! I think the glowing lanterns are my favorite.

    Thanks for visiting mine!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! You have an amazing blog as well and I love your style!! The lanterns are amazing and the photos are super inspirational - I love all of the white on white!!

    Can't wait to see your upcoming posts!



  4. Such a great way to decorate a room, they can become a piece of art themselves!
    Pictures amazing as always, especially the 3rd one.

    Abigail x

  5. Morning doll! Great post. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am happy to follow back :)

  6. I love lanterns! I have 2 at home that are souvenirs from my trip to San Fran's Japantown. xox


  7. Wow, they are so amazing. I love them! Thanks for sharing.


  8. I had nooo idea there were so many great ones! I have a plain white one in my guest room and love it a lot :)

  9. So many beautiful inspirations. As a Chinese, I am very familiar with lanterns. I used to play with them during Mooncake Festival (light them with candles inside), similar to image #4. My favorites are #7 and #10. Lovely post!


  10. I remember having those giant round ones in my house as a kid! I'm glad that they are making a comeback.

  11. So gorgeous, and they look so great in clusters, I want to do something like this in my daughters nursery.
    Have a fab weekend xx

  12. Oh Love the new look, just gorgeous! Beautiful! x

  13. LOVE this post sweets, paper lanterns are everywhere these days - well spotted :O)
    Have a grand weekend Miss Walker :O)
    A xx

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  15. This post makes me smile....paper lanterns are so fun and the possibilities are endless as evidenced above!


  16. I love paper lanterns, that nice big fluffy one over the dining table is gorgeous :-)

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  17. oh these are just lovely! Thanks for posting!


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