Thursday, April 28, 2011

Light Me Up! Industrial Style!

Wow! What a week! I have been experiencing blogging withdrawals! I hope you all had a fab Easter and enjoyed the well deserved break! Once again, thank you for all the gorgeous comments!
Once of my biggest loves in a kitchen or designing space is industrial lighting but as you can see it just as beautifully works in a bedroom or office space too. I love industrial lights quiet raw and rustic like the first pic, all old french farmhouse like but they can work so well in any form like some of these squeeky clean examples. What do you think?
Again, thank you for the neverending support, it really is overwhelming and is such a joy to receive all your thoughts! xoxo

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  1. The industrial lighting worksreally well in all these images I love this look in a kitchen but it does look great in the bedroom shot as well., I really like the industrial distressed looking chairs in the first picture as well

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Industrial lighting, especially when it is used in a traditional home because it changes it up a bit and I love the mix :)

  3. I have been admiring industrial lighting for awhile! These pictures are great!

  4. I like industrial lighting too, as well as decor. I think the gray and green ones are fab. like the way these type of lights look when hung in three or more.

  5. Very cool inspiration images! I love all the white - you have a great blog, just followed you :)

  6. well hello there miss.walker....
    how happy am i that you found me!!!!

    i love this first post i've read...industrial lighting swoooooon!!
    i'd take ANY of those rooms you've inspired us with above....all gorgeous!!

    thanks for your completely lovely message...i've popped in from hanging basket loads of bunting around this big old house for the Royal Wedding tomorrow...having dragged some more vintage french chairs up the village...why do we always spy the perfect 2nd hand pieces when we are soo busy preparing for other things!?
    i'm putting on a big garden party tomorrow and i have a zillion things to do and i'm dragging vintage finds around the streets and blog hopping!!

    see you soon...melissa xx

  7. I am in love with all of these lights. The longer they hang, the better xo

  8. i've been working on a post about Edison lights and that second image of yours is PERFECT! soooo chic. thanks for sharing!

  9. I totally agree...industrial pendants are wonderful and are perfect in so many spaces!!

  10. Industrial lighting is totally cool...wonderful post Renee:))
    Have a great w/end

  11. I love all the images! Industrial pendant lights work in all kitchens, whether it's modern or traditional.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Miss Walker!


  12. Love a good industrial light - fabulous images!


  13. SUCH great inspiration images - I love all of them??


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