Saturday, April 23, 2011

Awards Season...well kinda!

The gorgeous Amy over at Brushed Satin who blogs about everything chic from Banana Bread to Bar Carts recently awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award. It was a such a delight and was impeccably timed as I was having one of those days where you wonder if you are on the right track in your life. The Award reaffirmed to me that you should always go with what you passionate about! So here goes, I am going to share with you 7 things about myself then hand the torch on to 10 stylish Blogs.

Little things about me, that make me, well, me:
I have five weaknesses; brownies, Veuve Cliquot, reality TV shows, magazines and Design and Décor books – I spend a small fortune one all of these!
I can never stop at one and I like them warm with a little bit of vanilla ice-cream!
Need I say more?!
Seriously, what's not to love about LC?!
This is just some of my stacks of mags!
More where this came from! (I mean the books, not the bubbles!)

On a recent trip to Italy I ate 11 flavours of gelato in one day (not sure I should be sharing that?)

My 7 year old beats me at chess…every time!
Mr. 7 is such a cutie and quite the charmer! (Not to mention pulling off Burberry in a way I never could!)

I dream of the life of a ‘ParDon’, one that lives between Paris and London...a girl's gotta have a dream right...

As well as my 9-5 job in advertising, I am a Stylist and Decorator and I’ll know that I have made it when I have my work featured in Elle Décor, Marie Claire Maison, Inside Out and Living etc.

This is a behind the scenes shot (aka Hipstamatic shot), from a little shoot I did recently)

I love inspirational sayings.
It hard to decide on a favourite but I have loved this one, from Goethe, since I was 14 years old.

I am a night owl, this is when I love blogging, creating, working etc.

So that's a little about me, now for the Stylish Blog Award Winners, that carry on the flame in this little loving Blogging Universe that I so love being a part of. Thanks to all those that read and follow and comment, it is such a joy to have you in my circle of 'blog friends':
Sandy a la mode
The Dainty Dollhouse
Gold & Gray
The Wandering Willow
Ben & Alex
Mix & Chic
One White Apron
J'adore Decor
Black Velvet Chair
Decor is like butter


  1. I am a night owl too. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Off to check out more of your blog. Nicolex

  2. Congrats! (Also, there's nothing wrong with trying 11 flavours of gelato in one day. I once ordered a dessert that had 36 different gelato flavours in a giant bowl. I ended up sharing it with EVERYONE at the table, but I did get a taste of each flavour...)

  3. Thank you so much! You are so sweet.... I am absolutely honoured! Loved getting to know a little bit about you and love that quote by Goethe - thanks for sharing. And congrats on all your awards too! You truly deserve them! hugs anastasia of Decor is like butter..

  4. you are too sweet!! thank you so much! i read your blog DAILY and love it. the house you posted on the post above this is officially my dream house. love it:)

  5. These are so much fun to read! I wanna see more pics of your adorable little boy! How handsome!

  6. Thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet and I am very honored. Thanks for sharing the inspirational saying by Goethe. I think it is very true. And your little boy is such a handsome young man. I just love his curly hair and those beautiful eyes! It's great to learn bits and pieces about you! :)


  7. Hi lovely. First of all, Happy belated Easter! And secondly, thanks for the award!! I am so glad you stumbled on my blog and left a note cause now I've found yours... I've got a cup of tea in one hand and am rummaging through your archives with the other. Don't you just love finding other Aussie blogs?! x

  8. Have been catching up on some of ypur your blog even more now... plus I've discovered that we have quite a bit in common! :))

  9. I absolutely LOVE your blog, thanks so much for sharing, am loving your new header also!
    And thanks for sharing 7 things from the stylish blogger award xxx
    Hope you had a lovely Easter xx


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