Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Entryways: Entering through Beauty

Like any other room in the home, I really believe that an entryway should not be forgotten and like any other room, you can really have fun with the space! Not only can it say so much about the rest of your home, it is also a place that should be gorgeous because you enter through it. So 'enter through beauty'!
There are a few key considerations (according to the Domino Book of Decorating) when creating the perfect entryway. Function and style, lighting and mirrors, storage and floor covering. If you can marry these elements then you will have space that not only works for you and your needs but also for your eye! Check these out and let me know what you think should be absolute must haves for an entryway (after admiring all these entryways, I think I need to put a puppy on the list!)

Images Simple Eye Design, Domino via Beau Lifestyle, Brown Turtleneck Sweater, Style At Home, Style At Home


  1. Love all of these pics, enter through beauty indeed! xx

  2. Yes I agree with you. A mirror, a table with a or a few trays to place things are a must in my house. I think function and beauty should always go together.

  3. Kindof love the green pattern wallpaper. It's chic but casual all at once- so fresh! Loved getting a peek at your blog, will be back for more!

    xo jessica rae

  4. love these. especially the 2nd shot.

  5. Love this - I especially want the wall paper in the third photo AND the dog from the first..! :-D

  6. Lovely entryways! It makes me want to go inside to see more! Have a glorious day, Kellie xx

  7. I love the face the dog has and that glass chair.



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