Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Vibe, My Life by Kelly Wearstler

It seems I am all over Kelly Wearstler this week but I just cant get enough of her. She is truly an inspiration! Over at Table Tonic, Louise posted about a Vibe Tray that she had created for her daughters room after being inspired by Wearstler's process for crafting her work. I love the idea and am going to adopt it too.
Wearstler says on her Blog that "My creative process is about experimentation, taking risks and having a free spirit. I approach each project with the intent to make it beautiful and give it soul. I have trays for each project where I gather vibe inspiration like materials from my library, new elements of beauty – anything that catches my eye. Each tray represents a space in a project. They are constantly evolving and keep me organized. The trays become little collections of each project." "Make it beautiful, give it soul" that, do it people!
Check out some of Kelly's Vibe Trays!

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