Monday, February 21, 2011

Fuschia, Fuschia, Fuschia

For a long time I have loved Fuschia (or pink in general) but haven't really had the courage to actually use it in my space for the risk that it might come off all wrong and totally, well, juvenile but I have been more and more inspired through working on shoots and reading all the gorgeous blogs out there!
This also provoked some thought, which Abigail Ahern commented on, which she read in the Wall Street Journal. “It is funny how during the moneyed years of the ’90s everything was so chic—a bland, porridge-y mixture of oatmeal and flaxen tones. As the wealth evaporated, it seems that we turned to colour; I find that we all generally care a little less about how perfectly chic our houses are and more about how bright, comfortable and soulful they are”.
Here are the two pics that totally did it for me and cemented the idea. I have started some DIY to turn my board, which you see here, into reality, and with each project or purchase I am getting more and more excited!


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  1. Love the mood board. Attempting to put one together myself for my living room.


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